Workflow missing

I had misconfigured a local Corteza installation. So I removed it and installed it again. But meanwhile the front end has changed. And I’m missing the workflow panel in Compose. What I’ve done wrong?

Are you referring to the workflow panel over here?

Yout picture shows the previuos menu. Look at the attachment how it looks now.

You’ve downgraded to an older version. The current latest version is 2022.3.0

Ok, I had copied an .env file from the Corteza documentation with an old version.
Where can I get a template for .env and docker-compose.yaml for the version 2022.3 with PostgreSQL?
Is it possible to install Corredor on a local demo? Is this a separate step or part of the Corteza server installation?

Looks like we didn’t prepare a local one with PostgreSQL; use this one and use the db service (remove networks: [ internal ] ) and DB_DSN from this on.
I also noticed I forgot to change the version, so replace 2021.9. with 2022.3.0.

I’ll add some extra examples when I’m able