Workflow on selection

Hi there,

i tried to setup a workflow to run on multiple selected records. i followed manual:

I tried with trigger record on manual and page on manual, but the automation button on top of the list is always greyed out and not klickable.

Do you have a hint for me to look for?

Thank you very much and best Regards,

Hi Lukas,

It sounds like the wf attached to the button is a ‘compose record’, this would need to be a ‘compose page’ to be added.

Please see my config below, please note the selected array is a list of IDs and not the full object/ row.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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Hi Andre,

Thank you for your fast Answer. This encouraged me to build a new WF from scratch because this was my take on it already. So it looks like the old Workflow was not migrated or something.

The new Workflow is working like a charm. Thanks so much for helping.

Best regards

Only a pleasure, I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue :slight_smile: