Workflow - Record Update

I am getting the following error when at the step in my workflow where it’s time to update the record. I’m not sure what it means, or how to fix it. Any help?

I am guessing the value is a recordID instead of the actual record.
To update a record you must provide a valid record object, so there needs to be a step in between where you get the record based on the recordID value with the “Compose record lookup” function

OK, the previous workflow is obsolete now, but I am trying to apply your advice to a new one, for calculating the age of people based on their birthdate. I’m using the iterator to get the record object, but I’m still running into the same error when I test the update.

Here’s how the iterator is set up:

And the record update function:

Found problem - needed to have the Expression toggle in the update function switched on.

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