Workflow - Send Email

We set up a trigger by specifying “Compose Record” and choosing “AfterCreate” as the event parameters. We added constraints such as Namespace Name = Information Technology and Module Handle = ChangeManagement. Following this, we created a function to send an email containing a Subject and a specific string to an email address within our organization. Our objective is to notify a designated person via email whenever a new record is created within that module. However, we are encountering difficulties in making this workflow function as intended. We need assistance in resolving these issues.

Could you be more specific with what the issue is? “we have difficulties and need assistance” is quite vague.

  • Does the workflow not trigger? You’ve probably misconfigured the trigger. Prefer to use namespace handle over the name, double check the values.
  • Does the workflow run (check server logs) but the email does not send? Doublecheck email settings, check server logs, check logs on your SMTP provider.
  • Does the email send out but looks off? Are your email templates ok?