Workflow Trigger on Import CSV


I am trying to have a workflow trigger when a module import records through a CSV file. I tried using the trigger “Compose Record” for before and after create, but the system doesn’t catch the module importing records.

When I manually add a record, the workflow triggers. However, when I import a CSV file, while the new records are added, the workflow does not trigger. I also found out the default values for the fields are not set when the imported field is empty.

Is there a way for the workflow to trigger on record imports and mess around with the imported data?

Record import/export doesn’t trigger automation.
This might change in a future release (2022.9, or 2023.3).

If you need to preprocess your data before importing, I suggest you do it manually or write a quick script that does the processing for you.

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Thank you for the help!

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@nutella I do something similar
since creating records from CSV would be a mess (mapping related records, overriding the empty fields), I do the following
I create a new module with a field of the type CSV file (only accept CSV type)
then I ran my automation for validating the CSV, filling out the missing fields, and then creating the record on the original module. lastly if everything is OK, I would delete the uploaded CSV