Workflow Trigger on Page Click

Can a workflow have a trigger on clicking a page?

I tried several options with the trigger resource and the closest I could find with what I wanted was “Compose Page”. However, I couldn’t find an option to trigger when a user clicked/entered a page.

Is this possible? Or is there a workaround as a solution?

Also, is there a way for the trigger to take in values from records?
Lets say I have a record with field “Notification Date” and I want the workflow to trigger on the date to send an email/log message. Is this possible?

Thank you!

That bit just describes what data the automation should receive when invoked.
In some cases it performs filtering, so Compose Record workflows can’t appear in regular pages and so on.

At the moment it is not possible to invoke an automation on page entry.
Currently only explicit automation (buttons; on manual triggers) and implicit automation (before/after something is created/updated/…).

Such automation might be a nice addition; I’ve found a use for it as well so I’ll probably suggest we add that.

If you define a manual trigger for Compose Record, when the button is clicked, the workflow receives the record’s context (record, module, namespace, …).

Do make sure to place the button either on the record page, or inside the record list.