Workflow UI bug?

We are using version 2023.3.2. In the workflow editor, and specifically in an Expression box, I am experiencing an issue whereby my mouse becomes “partially inoperable” if, after editing an expression, I focus the mouse in another browser tab, or a different browser window. By “partially inoperable” I mean that I can use backspace to remove characters in the expression, but I can’t insert any new characters or spaces into the expression.

The only way I can edit the expression is by saving the unsaved changes in the workflow, and then focussing the mouse on the expression box.

I don’t get any console errors in the browser, nor are any errors logged on our server. Screen recording the issue picks up my mouse clicks, but doesn’t pickup my inability to insert text/characters.

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Thanks for reporting it, will take a look.

Update: I can reproduce it and will try to fix it, in the meantime, I could refocus by closing the sidebar. It seems its an issue other people on other sites are facing as well, and I don’t see an easy fix for it.


This has been fixed in 2023.3.5

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