Workflows - Best Practices

When creating workflows is it more proficient to

  1. create 1 workflow trigger against a single module with many paths/events?
  2. create multiple workflow triggers against a single module that performs a specific task?

I have a lot of business rules (10 or more) that need to be applied to a single module. Each business rules has 1-many processes that need to be ran. From a coding standpoint its easier to split these out that way 1 bug in a workflow doesnt crash the other 10. But I’m not sure about performance doing it this way. Is performance the same either way or is 1 trigger/workflow that does 10000 things more efficient? Or is it more efficient to have multiple worklfows against the same module?

any update on this I have not seen any feedback from the corteza team on this topic?

I think this is more related to the business case rather than a standard

I would suggest creating one workflow at the beginning and extracting more if needed

@esnyder - I’m not an expert, but at a module level, for beforeUpdate, afterUpdate, beforeCreate and afterCreate triggers, I ensure that a trigger is only used in 1 workflow. If you have multiple workflows for a module using (for example) the beforeUpdate trigger, you run the risk of workflows competing with each other.