Workflows: Create folders

Is it possible to create folders on the file system using workflows? Our use case is to create a folder if it doesn’t exist, then save file(s) to that folder.

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No. You could do it via server scripts and you could execute it via a workflow.
Do note that server scripts are executed from the Corredor container so you’ll need to bind some volumes.

Is to fair to say that saving data to an external file would also need to be accomplished via server scripts?

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If the file is available via an API endpoint, like an S3 bucket, then you can do it using a workflow and an http call function.

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What @daniel_charp said.

Server scripts are executed in a node container which you could hack around and access native node bits like the fs API.
Workflows have custom execution engine which doesn’t just allow access to arbitrary low level things.

Is there documentation available on creating and executing server scripts? I see references in the Corteza documentation, but more detailed information would be helpful

Have you looked through forum posts? There were a bunch of comments; one fairly recently (from me)