Automation Scripts in Local Installation

Where can I find the Automation Scripts in Local Installation?
We have Server Installation in progress, but to get familiar with Corteza in the mean time, I have local installation on my Laptop with docker-compose and using Rancher Desktop.
I am able to create Modules and Pages, but where can I find scripts and ho to use scripts in local installation?

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Have you looked through Automation scripts :: Corteza Docs; this bit specifically Automation scripts :: Corteza Docs ?

Thank you for that link. That will be useful for the content of the script. My question was more about where I find scripts in Corteza Local installation (and it is in a container). There is not a single Video on Corteza Scripts.

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Hmmm fair enough; thought we had some notes on in in there; guess it was a fever dream…

From the get go, there are no scripts inside Corteza (not anymore at least).
They were removed and replaced with workflows.

What you’ll need to do is set them up by including a new container (Corredor) and configuring all that’s needed.

These two posts should be enough to get you started.
IIRC one of my replies from a while back gives a very detailed step by step series of instructions regarding how to work with automation scripts – if needed, do have a look through my post/comment history.

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