Corteza Messaging

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to corteza - only just discovered it. I seen it has Corteza Messaging (Corteza Messaging - Corteza) where I can create chat rooms etc…

I installed corteza demo local version from the latest but cannot find this messaging app anywhere on it - Any ideas on bhow to activate it or has it been discontinued?


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The native messaging application has been deprecated and removed since the 2021.3 release – you can use any external messaging application you wish.

We internally now use this

To use the messaging application, you need ready-made integration with the message server. I have not found a ready-made corteza integration with synapse (dendrite) server :thinking:

Because there is no ready-made Corteza integration – it is a separate thing and not integrated into the Server container.

Use their instructions if you do decide to use them; later down the line, we’ll add some instructions to our docs. Alternatively, feel free to contribute those notes if you do decide to set it up.

What then is the joint work of corteza and matrix server expressed in?

There is no joint work between the two projects – both are their own stand-alone things.

When we decided to deprecate our native messaging application, Matrix and their messaging clients checked our boxes so we are now using it internally.