External Authentication Provider redirect/callback URL

I am adding an OIDC provider, System settings → Auth Settings → External Authentication Providers, and I’m not sure what callback URL I am supposed to provide the provider.

In Corteza, I have the info for the fields in Corteza (handle / OIDC Issuer URL / Client key / Secret / Scope) but the provider needs to know what Corteza URL to callback to.

I see the AUTH_EXTERNAL_REDIRECT_URL setting in the docs but that’s a single env variable and I’m not sure how that would be used if you had multiple custom OIDC providers … so I’m guessing it’s not that.

baseURL + “/auth/external/{provider}/callback”

Does anyone know what URL I would use for the callback URL that you supply the OIDC provider?

Thank you.

Corteza Version: 2023.3.4

Looking for the definitive answer but my initial guess is the callback URL that you supply the OIDC provider is one of these two options.

The first option is mentioned in the code here

For anyone configuring this in the future, the callback URL you will use is:


cortezadomain = Domain+tld of Corteza = cortezainstance.com
handleofprovider = The handle of the provider that is present in the OIDC record you created in Corteza.

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