How to create custom recordID?

Hello everyone

I’m creating records through the api
I know corteza generate recordID for the record
I wonder how to override that generator and bring my own IDs?

You cant (without forking and modifying the source code).

We might add somesort of a record handle to allow things like INV0001 to be used as a record identifier.

For the time beeing, you could consider creating a new module field which you treat as the identifier and show it instead of the actual identifier.

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hey @tjerman, thanks for your inputs

I already do that but when I’m using the rest API, I do two steps
first, filter the records based on my custom id
then filter other module’s records with retrieved recordID

Yeah, it would imply a few extra steps for such cases.

One thing you could do to reduce the number of requests (if you’re making these requests from some other application I don’t see the reason to) is you can define automation to copy the customID value from the related record into the record you’re referencing it from.
Something similar to what was discussed here (ignore the filtering steps; the general idea remains)

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