Nylas Integration not Working

The forum would not alow me to reply anymore on the previous topic posted at Nylas integration so I guess I am starting a new topic. Here is what I wanted to reply:

"Thanks, I would love to contribute to the docs, but it is still not working after triple-checking credentials with the auth provider, etc. I talked with Nylas support, and they said this. “We no longer support components, could you please detail how you got there? Where did you find this information? Please ensure you read our docs a developer.nylas.com

Are we sure this integration is still working in Corteza? If it is we might lose support from Nylas since they do not support it anymore."

If you’re using it with the access token then you need to set “Access token required” to true.
It depends on your configuration. I can confirm that I can still use the composer component registered today on the /components dashboard. I can compose and send the emails

If they deprecate the components feature then we’ll have to reintegrate in a different way.
As far as i know their old components will still work just wont be further updated.

Good to know. I have tried all the configurations I can think of, and it still does not work. Anything else I could be missing?

I have a suspicion that the clientID is not applied on your end
Can you go to /auth/external/nylas/ endpoint and check the network tab for requests, there should be a nylas authenticate request. Check if the clientID in that request is the same as the client id that you’re using.

Also you need to configure the callback URL in the nylas dashboard for it to point to /auth/external/nylas/callback

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Thanks for the help! I do have the callback setup and when I checked that endpoint it does include the Client ID and the client is the id from my Nylas dashboard :frowning:

If that is all configured correctly then I am honestly stumped. Might be the domains the component is allowed on, or some other configuration in the dashboard. The API version maybe?
Doubtful i can help more without access

I will try and see if I can keep digging and figuring it out. I would be happy to give you access if you would be willing to help, but don’t want to overstep.

So interestingly enough, if I try and preview the components straight out of Nylas they don’t work either. This seems like a Nylas problem, or maybe it is because they seem to be depreciating components as referenced in this article.

It’s strange since the components are marked as “long-term support”, that means they should work for some time still.
I would suggest making it work on their side first if possible. Maybe they can help with that.
My mailbox and composer components work normally, maybe its just new components causing this.
Thanks for trying!

Yeah, it’s super weird. I did reach out to their support but they said they are not offering any support for components anymore. I am finding alternative solutions for what I need to do. Thanks for all of your help!