Nylas integration

Hi guys,
I’m testing this new feature but without success.
I set in admin area / settings:

Then I’ve been add a block under account page (CRM space):

I don’t know what I have to set under compenent ID.

When try to access:
click on CONNECT WITH NYLAS I got:
SSO Error: state token mismatch
and the url:

It should works?

Hello there,

Make sure you properly entered the Client key(Client ID) and Secret(Client Secret) from the nylas dashboard /settings/general

Secondly under /settings/authentication, make sure you have a valid callback URL that points to your-corteza-domain/auth.

After that you need to make a component in the Nylas dashboard in the your-app/components
We suggest starting with Composer, you can get the componentID that you need from either the URL or if you scroll to the bottom of the configuration page of the component.

These steps should be enough to make the Nylas components work in Corteza, if not there might be some other issue.

The guide will be added to the documentation after the implementation is improved further.