Set a date back to an empty value in a workflow

I have a workflow that sets a date to today’s date for a set of records.

I want to create an analogous “undo” workflow which clears the date, but I haven’t been able to get a workflow to do that. Is this not currently possible?

I’ve tried setting the date to an empty value and get an error. I’ve also tried the omit function to exclude the date field, but I got an error by doing thtat as well.

Hi Shmuel,

I trust you are well.
I have yet to have tested this myself but potentially setting the field to false might work.
IE - record.values.myDate ?? false : true OR potentially using Nil as described in the forum link

Kind regards

Setting it to false or "", 0, or nil gives me an error:

Could not update record: failed to complete transaction: cannot update data entry: pq: invalid input syntax for type timestamp: “”

Is there any way around this?

Have you tried to set the value to undefined?

@katrinyordanova, undefined is not a built-in variable. As mentioned above, I’ve tried setting it to false , "" , 0 , and nil none of which worked. The way I set it to nil was by defining a variable without setting its value.