Slow record update due to amount of data

I have a module A with an editable record page. Inside this page, there is a record list linked to module B, which contains a large amount of data. This data is filtered by a “record selector” field that is linked to module A, so only a small portion of the data appears on my Module A screen.

However, when I try to update any value of a record from module A (including fields that are unrelated to Module B), Corteza becomes very slow and takes about 2 minute and 40 seconds to update a single record. This makes it impossible to use effectively.

I have identified that the issue lies with the record list. If I remove it from the record screen of module A, the update is done in less than 3 seconds.

My question is, how can I optimize the update time? I cannot reduce the amount of data in module B, and I need the record list to appear on my screen in module A.

As you can see in the screenshot below, my Module A record page has its own editable fields and also includes a record list linked to Module B through the field “IdChecklist”.

This screenshot displays all the records that exist within my Module B. As you can see, there are a total of 12 thousand records in it. However, due to the link filters, only three of them are visible through this record on the Module A screen.

Can anyone assist me with optimizing this update? @tjerman

My comment here could help with that

Otherwise if the actual saving and not the loading of the record takes the most time, then you could possibly have a workflow either waiting for you or processing data in the background. If you have any triggers on the records you are updating.