User-specific profile page

Is there any way to set up a page that will display information specific to that user? I have a table that matches userID to memberID; I want to create a member-specific page (My Member Record) that allows users to view and do self-service updating of their own member data without having to go through a record list to get to it.

I came to the forum to post same (or something similar)

  • I want to be able to go to a User record from within the Namespace
  • Even the Created By and Modified By Name fields seems like just a stamp of the Username. It would be great if we could click into them and go to the User record.
  • I know as an Admin we can go to the Admin Panel and see the list of users and update something. I want a separate layout with ability to add new Custom Fields and permission it accordingly for it to be updated within the namespace.

@jfortun any thoughts on this, any workarounds we can put in place to make this happen?

being able to select User as an option in a Record Selector field as a Module option

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The content block has access to the user variable (${user}) So you can display their information.

When it comes to record lists, and other filters, you can filter by the ${userID} which is the current logged in user.

You can have automation buttons or hard links that would reroute to their record page.
You just need to hide the pages behind permissions so they cannot see them in the sidebar.

Additionally, users are not records, so they cannot be displayed in such a form as records currently.
The profile page is the only place where they can change their information.