Working with API in Corteza Server: 2023.9.3

I created a simple app with single module, and 2 pages to display record list and create new record. Now I wanted to GET or PUT data through Rest API. How to configure Integration Gateway for end point creation and remaining steps to push and pull data through API. I have installed Postman in my Linux server to work with API in Corteza Server:2023.9.3.
Available documents are confusing, so need help in this forum.
Thank you.

Can you describe what your end goal is?
Integration gateway can be used for many things.
In general, it’s used to trigger a workflow that processes that payload request.

I have not created any workflow as such. Today morning, I had to reinstall Corteza again locally and reworked on the application I built earlier. My goal is to see connecting external APIs for my front designed in Corteza for my data outside . From Corteza I want to call external APIs for data.
Can you guide me in API configuration, please…

I really care about this topic. Hope we will be support soon

Corteza’s API documentation is located at:


Anything you can do via the UI is available using the API.

If you want to interact with external APIs then you can utilize a workflow function, type http, to call the external API and get its response.

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